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About us

M.A.N is a woman

Marina Anne Nolles takes front stage. She is French, she is American, and she’s got college degrees and a zillion travel-miles from wild places. Brought up to the tune of folk music, her dreams speak many languages and her texts swell from deep moments of gracious solitude. The need to sing began early in Marina’s life, perhaps inherited from a musician/magician grandfather who sang his way from Europe to America in the 1950’s. To make music her life, Marina found the perfect guitar and composed her first songs, attended conservatory for voice training, and said yes to an invitation to join a jazz group where she could experience the stage and master the classics. Marina’s writing is poetry, dark as a Louisiana night, her voice a string of hand-picked jewels.

Backing M.A.N

Etienne Zenone’s career loops a long and rhythmic path that starts in a biosphere of blues, swerves into the punk movement and continues to spin its way through the various styles of popular twentieth century music. His years in rock and his passion for southern blues refined his choice in elegant guitars and with thirty years in the song industry of course he knows the tune by heart. Forever recreating, his music is familiarly new, clever and personal. Etienne met Marina in 2014 and together they have worked to develop her repertoire.

M.A.N, Black and blue all over

Spark a flame, and make magic from a blend of velvet electro, warm vocals and aerial guitars. Trip hop fused with folk and blues pulls the spirit to dance and sway. It took a year of work in the studio for those four hands to sculpt out a surfy jazzy sound of their own. But make no mistake; there’s nothing cute about M.A.N.’s songs. Behind the sharp stylized sound and sensual shapes, Marina’s words unveil something black, sharp and deep. The polished surface cracks as M.A.N.’s tenacious melodies wind their way into the ear and whisper to the heart.

Line-Up M.A.N

Marina Anne Nolles : lead vocal, lyrics ; Etienne Zenone : arrangements, guitar ; Romain Roux : synthesizers, saxophone.